Nana Essence is a lovingly developed line of skincare and beauty products, which includes shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, deodorants and more. We pledge that every one of our products is natural, refreshing, humane, and affordable in every sense possible. We are open to the world and our clients are welcome to ask questions about our line. All the information is perfectly accessible and we will gladly answer any questions you can come up with! In fact, we want you to ask questions, because we love telling the world about our exceptional line of products and their amazing benefits. Ask away!

I have very thin, dry hair. Will Nana Essence work for me?
Nana Essence Hair Mask was created for you! Spray it on and massage it into your scalp an hour before you wash. When you start seeing fuller, thicker hair, you can reduce your use to once a week.
How do I use Nana Essence products?
Use the Hair Mask before you wash as explained above. It works on all types of hair. You can use the same amount of Nana Essence Shampoo as your old brand, or even slightly less. Rinse and repeat. The same is true for the amount of Nana conditioner you use. Leave it in your hair for a few minutes before rinsing.
Is it safe?
See our Certificate.
What does it do?
The Birch tree extract in our Nana Essence Shampoo will refresh and invigorate your scalp, while nurturing and protecting your hair from environmental and chemical damage.

The Nana Essence Mask nourishes and rebuilds the roots of your hair with essential nutrients and vitamins .It is enriched with special oils that help to restore and protect your hair from unsightly and frizzy split ends .and will leave you with silky smooth and healthy looking tresses almost overnight.
What type of hair are Nana Essence products made for?
Nana Essence hair products work on dry, oily or damaged hair with the same fantastic results.
What is Nana Essence made from?
All natural ingredients, principally the extracts of nettles, oak bark and birch leaves.
I have allergies. Will I be able to use Nana Essence?
If you have had reactions to other hair products, it was likely to the chemical additives in them. All three Nana Essence products are certified organic by Quality Assurance International, and therefore missing those irritants. Nevertheless, a few people are allergic to nettle, oak or birch, so check with your doctor if you aren’t sure before beginning to use Nana Essence.
What's inside Nana Essence ?
I am a man and my hair has gotten noticeably thinner recently. Can Nana Essence help me?
Using Nana Essence, especially the Hair Mask, will make your scalp healthier and the hair you do have much thicker. Whether it actually causes dead follicles to start producing new hair again is still being investigated.
I had to change my last store-bought shampoo because it made my hair greasy after prolonged use. Will this happen with Nana Essence?
I have never heard anyone mention this effect, and many people have been using Nana Essence for years (especially myself)!
I have colored hair. Will Nana Essence wash the color out?
No, but you will want to use the Hair Mask to keep your hair from getting dry and brittle. See my answer regarding dry hair.
Why is Nana Essence better than any other product on the market?
Harsh environmental pollutants and chemicals found in many hair products today strip the hair roots making them dry and brittle leaving your hair susceptible to damage.

The active natural ingredients found in Nana Essence nurture your hair without collateral damage caused by the chemicals you will find in the bottle currently in your shower.

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Some say that shampoo is just shampoo... at Nana Essence, we disagree



Some say that conditioner is just conditioner... at Nana Essence, we disagree


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Body Wash with Rosemary

Gently cleansing,refreshing lather of Rosemary moisturizes and softens the skin...


Body Wash with Spearmint Oil

Gently cleansing,refreshing lather of Rosemary moisturizes and softens the skin...


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