Tips for Healthy Hair During the Summer Season

Although the end of summer is approaching, we are still getting some hot days and sunshine. Besides, those of us with access to swimming pools and saunas will need this advice during winter as well. 

The mix of humidity, chlorine and sunshine can have some detrimental effects on your hair such as sun damage and an oily scalp. So what do you do?
Check out these six great tips to ensure your locks stay healthy and beautiful!

1. Water Yourself
You have probably heard it time and time again, but drinking water is really one of the best things you can do to stay healthy. H2O hydrates every part of your body including your hair and scalp, so replenishing its levels is of utmost necessity. Aim for around two to three liters of water per day, and don't forget to eat healthy too.

2. Temperature Maintenance
Heat reduction helps your hair a great deal! That means either limiting direct sun exposure or staying in cool places during extremely hot weather. When in the sauna, put a towel over your head to keep it safe and of course, wear a hat on a sunny day. If finding a comfy head dress is problematic, you can always apply a deep conditioner with SPF protection or a hair styling beauty product. It is also beneficial to stick to heatless hairstyles on the hot days to reduce the amount of heat your hair and scalp get exposed to.

3. Beauty Washing Regimen
You may have heard that the way to control an oily scalp is through frequent head washing. This advice is not good for everyone, since skin care is a subjective matter. In reality, frequent washing may strip natural oils and minerals from your scalp - leading to additional oil production! The way to fight this is to adjust your washing frequency to your needs. Rinsing your head with cold water also helps. It closes pores and cuticles, sealing the moisture within. 

4. Avoid Chlorine
When taking a swim in the pool, stay cautious of chlorine damage. Aside from drying your skin and locks, chlorine can alter the color of your hair. In order to avoid that, you must prevent your hair from excessive chlorine absorption. This means washing your hair with tap water before going to the pool, and then rinsing the hair with a water and apple cider vinegar mix after you're done swimming.

5. Frizz Free 
Some of us have hair that doubles in size the minute you go outside on a hot summer day. For a quick solution to rebellious hair, you can always hairspray your brush and run it through your locks. Speaking of hair brushes, do consider getting a double-set comb with wide teeth, since it reduces natural curl frizz as well. Another great way to combat the frizz is to make an Argan oil and water mask - it will moisturize your hair and protect it against humidity. 

6. Keratin for the win!
A great technique to deal with dry hair  is to get keratin treatments. Treating your locks with keratin will re-hydrate and invigorate your hair, since keratin is one of its main building blocks. 

And of course, regular use of Nana Essence products will also help you keep a healthy, lustrous mane of hair. We hope you are enjoying the last warm days of summer, best of luck with your hair and health! 

Nana Korolov