Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Organic Shampoo

1. Scalp paradise

A large variety of modern brand-name beauty products contain a host of chemicals which are harmful to your scalp. From detergents that strip away essential oils and minerals to alcohol and salt based gels that dry out your scalp, most non-organic shampoos are filled to the brim with substances of varying toxicity. But never fear, for there are many organic beauty products which use natural ingredients that lack all of those harmful chemicals - leaving your scalp nice and healthy.

2. Take Care of the Hair!

On a similar note, most chemicals that damage or dry out your scalp are also quite bad for your hair. Some substances are known to be a major cause of hair dryness, while the extensive cleaning prowess of others may wash out more than just dirt and grime but natural oils and minerals that keep your hair healthy as well. Furthermore, other chemicals may go a different route - affecting your skin or hormones, or even damaging the very roots of your hair, causing it to fall out. Another crucial factor is the destruction of keratin, an important protein used in hair building and maintenance. By selecting natural beauty and skin care products you are avoiding these chemicals, and thus promoting the health of your hair!

3. Beauty in Color

Do you fancy having a hair color that is different from your natural one? Then there is even more reason to go the organic route! Most non-organic shampoos contain chemicals of the sulfate family (i.e. Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate) which, aside from their function of cleaning, also work to strip away and dim the color of your hair. On the other hand, organic and natural alternatives work in the opposite direction, whereby they exude natural oils and minerals so that your hair shines ever brighter and sexier with the color of your choice!

4. Nurture and nourishment!

As mentioned above, organic and natural beauty/skin care products often seem as a sort of antithesis to traditional chemical-based products - they achieve that by providing nourishment and protection instead of damage and dryness. Organic shampoos are full of essential nutrients, valuable vitamins, and special oils that refresh your scalp and invigorate your hair, leaving you with silky smooth locks that are a pleasure to behold and a delight to own!

5. Safety First

Finally, by lacking the destructive properties of traditional shampoos, natural beauty products are much safer and healthier to use on your head. Moreover, companies selling organic products are required by law to obtain a safety certificate for their product. You can rest free knowing that organic shampoos will not cause chemically induced allergies, hormonal disbalance, irritation, dryness or hair loss - unlike their traditional counterparts. 

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