240 mL (8 oz.)

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For a limited time only, receive a Free sample Conditioner
and a Free sample Hair Mask with your order!
  • ~ certified biodegradable;
  • ~ no chemical preservatives;
  • ~ no concentrates;
  • ~ alcohol free;
  • ~ cruelty free;
  • Some say that shampoo is just shampoo... at Nana Essence, we disagree!

    When you feel the revitalizing power of the Nana Essence Organic Shampoo, you will never look at another option again. Made of all natural ingredients, this amazing hair beauty product can restore damaged hair, soften dry hair and tone down hair that’s too oily.

    With a special formula that contains Nettle and White Oak extracts, this amazing shampoo is not just a hair product. The Birch extract in it is great for your hair and scalp, giving it all the nutrients it needs for a full body of healthy flowing hair. It will control frizz and heaviness, bringing out the natural highlights of your hair’s color, and helping it maintain a healthy luster over a long period of time.

    • ~ Aqua
    • ~ Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) extract
    • ~ Nettle (Urtica Dioica) Extract
    • ~ Birch (Betula Alba) Leaf Extract
    • ~ Chamomille (Anthemis Nobillis) Extract
    • ~ March Mallow (Althaea Officinalis) Extract
    • ~ Decyl Glucoside click for details
    • ~ Coco-Glucoside click for details
    • ~ Cocaomidopropyl Betaine click for details
    • ~ Glyceryl Oleate click for details
    • ~ Glycerin click for details
    • ~ Acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer click for details
    • ~ Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride click for details
    • ~ Potassium Sorbate
    • ~ Sodium Benzoate

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Some say that shampoo is just shampoo... at Nana Essence, we disagree



Some say that conditioner is just conditioner... at Nana Essence, we disagree


Hair Mask




Body Wash with Rosemary

Gently cleansing,refreshing lather of Rosemary moisturizes and softens the skin...


Body Wash with Spearmint Oil

Gently cleansing,refreshing lather of Rosemary moisturizes and softens the skin...


What Our Clients Say

I absolutely love a shampoo called Nana Essence ,it`s from Canada, but it`s so worth the trouble of getting it shipped as it`s excellent for dyry hair and meets all the green requirements Toronto, Sophie Uliano Read more
After looking unsuccessfully for a long time to find a product that not only helps to slow down hair loss (not uncommon with the bariatric surgery that I had last September), but is biodegradable, I was so excited to find Nana`s Essence. Not only did I find a wonderful shampoo, conditioner and hair mask that has slowed down my hair loss, I found an amazing liquid shower soap and deodorant as well. The Nana`s Essence Products are amazing! Thanks Nana! Toronto, Alyson Middlecamp Read more
I`ve always wondered how the models on t.v. have such full and luminous hair. I`ve tried most of these products that preach similar results, but none of them ever worked.

That is, until I tried Nana Essence Shampoo and hair mask. Right away I saw a remarkable difference in my hair, it became thicker and fuller. It built the body into my hair that i`ve always wanted.

At last, my hair shines and is full of life, just like those models on t.v. Toronto, Karina Avramenko Read more
Nana Essence hair products have completely changed the look and feel of my hair. I used to have fine, limp hair that was damaged from heat and over-styling.

The NanaEssence hair mask restored health and body back into my hair and the shampoo helps to keep it soft and clean.

I love that NanaEssence is natural and organic- this means I can feel good about what I put into my hair. I will never go back to using harsh hair products now that I`ve discovered NanaEssence. Toronto, Sarita Falovich Read more
I tried Nana Essence Shampoo and Hair Mask for a fun change.

Little did I know what an effect it would have on my hair! Not only is my hair softer and filled with shine, but it stays clean and vibrant for twice as long as it used to.

The best part of it all, is that I feel safe putting natural products into my hair! Toronto, Tali Ritov Read more
I am a 63 year old woman who lost all(not all at the same time of course) of her hair between the ages of 25 and 50.Only about a third of it grew back and it is very fine and fragile. I tried everything over the years and bought your product on an impulse at the health food store. It has been miraculous. Never has my hair had so much volume in 20 years, never has it been so healthy! You can be sure I will keep on buying it along with the mask. I will certainly recommend to my friends. The price is very reasonable.

Thank you for an excellent product. Toronto, Louise Lacomb Read more

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