Nana Korolev

Even before launching the Nana Essence beauty product brand, Nana Korolev has devoted her life to healthy and vibrant living. Her long years of experience as a competitive swimmer in Russia, and her participation in a great many swimming events has granted her an acute understanding of the importance of keeping yourself healthy and energized.

The strongest impact her swimming career had on this, however, was the constant exposure to chlorinated water and the way it affected her hair, rendering it dry, split and brittle. Not many people are aware of the contrast between the swimming athlete’s well-honed body musculature and their hair and skin, which are another story altogether. Once she’d become aware that her hair needed help, Nana started researching and trying out all sorts of natural hair remedies, such as nettle, white oak and birch. Their effect on her hair was almost miraculous, and so it’s no surprize that they are now the foundation of this new line of Hair and Beauty products.

The Nana Essence brand launched in 2004 with a full line of hair products.

The Nana Essence brand launched in 2004 with a full line of hair products; the reviews were fantastic! Customers immediately recognized the natural power of the Nana Essence products. It finally gave the answer to fuller, softer, more vibrant hair to every customer, which is the foundation of the line’s success – it really works. A proudly Canadian brand, Nana Essence had since expanded to a line that includes a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, deodorant, and body wash, every one of them fully Organic. Our company is a member of EcoLogo, and the products are now occupying shelves in Health Food stores, gyms, tanning salons, pharmacies and SPAs all over Canada, from sea to shining sea.

Another strong point of the Nana Essence brand is that it is proudly affordable. We do not overprice our products – we want everyone to have access to them. At under $20, you can easily stock your bathroom cabinet with the entire line of organic wellness and not need another solution ever again.

Every one of our products is certified by EcoLogo to be:

  1. Readily biodegradable
  2. Are not tested on animals
  3. Reduce waste by using recyclable packaging
  4. Minimize eye and skin irritations
  5. Reduce phosphate pollution that can choke our water systems
  6. Our gift boxes are developed and manufactured in Canada composed of fully recyclable materials to ensure a lower carbon footprint on our environment.

Our family of healthy, eco-conscious beauty products is perfect for everyone!