Organic Hair Mask (120ml)

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The Nana Essence Hair Mask is your best source of nutrients and healing power. Once you are done cleaning and reconditioning your hair with the Nana Essence shower products, it’s time to give it some more wellness treatment with the Nana Essence Hair Mask.



Rich with natural nourishing oils, nutrients and vitamins, it is capable of restoring even the dryest and most damaged hair in a matter of a few applications. Use it 3 times a week for only one month and you are guaranteed to see amazing results. It is the best way to achieve lustrous, smooth and silky hair. Moreover, due to its balancing effect, Nana Essence Hair Mask is perfect for all types of hair, from oily to dry to frizzled to broken and even to perfectly healthy hair – to extend its natural luster for so much longer!

Harsh environmental pollutants and chemicals found in many hair products today strip the hair root, making it dry and brittle, thus leaving your hair vulnerable to damage.


INGREDIENTS: Purified water enriched with certified organic herbs: Nettle, White Oak, Marshmallow and Birch leaf extracts.



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